15 date ideas to make you closer

Can’t you make up the date ideas? You don’t know, how to create the best dating in your life? Many guys complain they don’t know how to make their beloved happy, spending their free time together. So, people, don’t invent the wheel!

Don’t force yourself to create a romantic atmosphere with candles and flowers all the time! Put off all stereotypes! Try to find anything unusual, looking for a right approach to your girlfriend. So here, I suggest

15 cool date ideas to make you closer

1. Climbing wall. Someones can think this is too extreme for a date, especially for the first one. But this idea is not so bad as you can think off. If your partner is optimistic and energetic, try to climb up together. If there is a lack of experience, so call the instructor. This variant for a date has a lot of “for”:

a) when you do steps together, your trust becomes deeper;

b) on the height you don’t think about being shy, so you can have a lot of moments for touching and supporting when you climb up;

c) this is a good time to be opened, to surmount a psychological wall. Especially when you don’t know well each other;

d) you get trough the fear, feeling the support.

wall for alpinisme
Help each other to reach the top

2. The morning together. A usual time for dating is evening. Step out of traditions and invite your girlfriend for a light breakfast or just cup of coffee near to her home. It will bring positive energy for a whole day and will give a feeling of closeness even if you live separately.

Spend your morning together

3. Street food. Who said a date must be obligatory in a luxe restaurant? It would be unobtrusive if you come across somewhere to eat out. Just agree with me, this is so intimate to hold a hot-dog in your hands, while your beloved is biting it.

Eating street food in the morning makes you closer

4. Bicycle for an hour. This a good alternative for those, who prefer an active free time. It’s not obligatory to drive along mountain paths. It would be enough to go to the countryside for a picnic for two. But before doing that, make sure your beloved can ride the bicycle. Despite this is a very old idea, it’s still romantic as well.

couple on the bikes, date ideas
Find out who is the first of you

5. Master-class. Visiting master-class together let understand: you show an original approach to your partner. You can follow one of two ways:

a)you go to learn anything new for both of you, supporting each other at the beginning;

b) you find out a hobby of your beloved and give her a chance to improve her skills, visiting master-class.

Whatever you chose: sushi, riding a horse; tango dance; all these will make you closer.

Tango dances
Tango, dance of passion, will definitely make you closer

6. Bookstore. A date like this will let you understand how much your book tastes coincide. On the other hand, this is a chance to develop your world view with help of reading preferences of your partner.

date ideas, book stores
Second-hand bookstore can be quite romantic as well

7. Visiting a flea market will be a surprise for a girl, who likes vintage things. Here, you can buy what you can’t find in usual stores.

flea market, date ideas
Find anything interesting together

8. Anti-sights are places which don’t contain a touristic value. Nevertheless, they are attractive for some category of people. For example, old or abandoned  buildings. A date like this will bring an unexpected feeling and some of them can become your secret places.

Abandoned places can impress both of you
Abandoned places can impress both of you

9. Vine testing and tea ceremony date ideas are enough popular. Being alone you can plunge into an atmosphere of a tea ceremony or to feel yourself an experienced sommelier. Also, this is a chance to know the culture of another country.

Just taste and feel the satisfaction of being together
Just taste and feel the satisfaction of being together

10. Farmer market is good for those who pay a lot of attention to healthy nutrition and natural products. Usually, these fairs start since early morning, so take a chance to  prepare a breakfast together.

What can be better for breackfast than fresh fruites and vegetables?
What can be better for breakfast than fresh fruits and vegetables?

11. Quiz nights for people who like to shine with erudition. Usually, they create a team of friends, colleagues and family. If you wanna take a part in these quiz nights, you must be ready to find answers to tough questions. Even if you and your partner can’t answer, still this is a possibility for both of you to work as a team.

Enjoy the night as like these people do
Enjoy the night as like these people do

 12. Free excursion to the factory. If you wanna give to your girlfriend unforgettable feelings, go together to chocolate or beer factory, where you become onlookers of the process. After that, you can be invited to free testing.

13. Places, where you can watch planes are taking off. This is like a scene from the movie. You can choose some place near take-off line, lay down on a bonnet and watch the planes together.

Find a place with fascinating view
Find a place with fascinating view

14. Quest room is one of popular date ideas nowadays. It will be interesting for active couples. People go into some room and they need to find answers and hints how to get out within an hour. You can choose a theme of the quest: spying, doctors, chemical factory etc.

Try to find out how you and your girlfriend can get out of here
Try to find out how you and your girlfriend can get out of here

15. Dolphinarium is considered as one of the romantic places for dates. After a show, suggest to your beloved to swim with dolphins.

I think every girl would be happy to play with them

I f you don’t know how invite girl, use my simple date ideas. Because all of them are oriented to make couple closer. They will help to surmount a psychological wall between man and woman, what is hard to do right away after a meeting .


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