To conquer Everest. An amoral side of the mountain

Everest mountain is the highest pic of the world. There is no place which could be higher than this mountain. That’s why most of the alpinists attempt to conquer it.

There is no doubt a powerful Everest demands on respect. If you are equipped with modern techniques, there is no guarantee you would resist its majesty and survive. Because the Himalayas don’t forgive any mistakes.

everest mountain
The Himalayas don’t forgive mistakes.

To conquer Everest mountain or to stay human?

The beauty of Everest excites a lot. On the high over 5 000 meters, there are no plants, no animals. You can feel yourself as like cosmonaut on the another planet. And it’s hard to believe this desert place is the Earth.

To possess these breathtaking views and keep them in mind forever, to become the owner of the highest pic even just for a minute alpinists are ready to pay a lot. Sometimes it comes to paying honor and conscience, what is more to paying life. So what is the price of the climbing?

1. The hard work of the Sherpas. The Sherpas are the people, living in high mountains. Their ability to be on a high without getting a mountain disease give them the possibility to earn money, providing everyday services.

The strongest nationality of the world.

Sherpas set up a base camping as like you can see in the movie Everest. This camping looks like an extreme mountain hotel. There is everything: tv sets, library, dining room, cooking room and others benefits of civilization. According to the price you can choose your personal list of services: rent of tent and cooker or a full package.

Many magazines and tv channels say the traveling to the Everest changed the economic of the country, giving the possibility to the Sherpas earn the money.

Hmmm… I doubt it. Sherpas porters earn less than $10 per day carrying the heavy things in mountains (about 50-100 kg per person) when a pack of rice costs about $20. How do you think is it enough for that penal work?

Base camp is the town with all comforts which you won’t even find among Sherpa citizens.

The Sherpa alpinists who provide a comfortable way to the Everest pic, earn much more (about $1.500-3000). Is it enough for a losing the life? The price is really seductive. Because there is no other possibility to earn the money in the desert mountain place. But not all alpinists travelers know that many of Sherpas complement a sad unofficial statistic of dying people, what is usually concealed. Coming here people underestimate real risks.

2. The price of your life. Perhaps some alpinists believe the Everest mountain is the Mecca and an obligatory pic to conquer for everyone who thinks he is a true alpinist. I know extreme feelings bring a lot of adrenaline when you stay at the top of the world. But I have a question. Is it really worse of $60 000 and your health and life to pay this dangerous trip?

 Even If you are ready to climb up the mountain you must be ready to take a responsibility for the life of alpinists of your group (because in mountains the life of your team depends on one person and vice versa) and even Sherpas guides. Many of you can object my position. Because this is an opposite thing. In this planet area, your life is under control of Sherpas’ professionalism. Yes, it is.

A harmonious team work will give more chance to survive
A harmonious teamwork will give more chance to survive.

Many of you can object my position. Because this is an opposite thing. In this planet area, your life is under control of Sherpas’ professionalism. Yes, it is. But in the Himalayas, there are own natural laws which you must respect. Otherwise, anybody can die. So, make conclusions.

3. Self-surviving or animals in shape of human body? The Everest climbing can be hard even for professional alpinists. Many people got serious traumas. Many of them died because of mountain disease or lack of oxygen and their bodies stayed there forever. So, for now, Everest mountain deserve another name — Everest cemetery. It’s hard to believe but died people have a fresh look as like they’ve just felt asleep. Usually, rescue team doesn’t have a permission to take the bodies because of a big risk to the life.

We don’t show a true Everest cemetery because of moral and ethic reason.

Some died people play the role of indicators of a true path to the pic. If alpinists see them that means they follow a right way. It’s pity, many of them died because another people refused to help them. Alpinists don’t want to waste a chance to go to the pic if they paid $60 000 and they continue climbing to get the Everest pic. There are people who claim they were exhausted a lot and they couldn’t physically to help people.

Well, I don’t have any right to judge other people. But I think their feeling of being guilty of failure to render aid will stay forever. Is the Everest trip worse to take responsibility for the other people’s life?


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