9 exciting movies for watching with boyfriend

Spending the time with my boyfriend, sitting close each to other, watching exciting movies together is the best time which makes me happy. Not all guys can stand crying films and soap operas when we want to see some romantic scenes and to live them together.  Here is a dilemma… How to find a right love story which can be interesting for both? If you believe exciting movies must be just action films, then I’m happy to present my favorite list of best movies to watch with boyfriend.

  9 romantic exciting movies for watching together

1. Original Sin (Angelina Jolie, Antonio Banderas).

“I want to give her everything. And I want to take everything from her.” Russian translation of Vargas’s words was more poetic “I want to give her all the world, but instead I want to have her soul.” What is the feeling, when the passion is mixed with obsession, when you are listening to your heart, but you don’t hear the voice of mind? Is it possible to love so much a person whom you’ve never seen before?

The young and handsome owner of Colombian plantations Luis Antonio Vargas decided to get married to a shy American lady, whom he hadn’t known before in real, just with letters.

original sin

Instead of faithful and calm wife, a fatal woman breaks into his life. The woman who totally ruined his life. This is a feeling of love which can make happy and the same time destroys a person. Is it worth to lose everything for possessing beloved woman forever?

2. Legends of the Fall (Brad Pitt, Antony Hopkins).

The history of the family Ludlow is a romantic story, telling about three inseparable brothers.

They are different with their character, but they are sons of their father. Maybe it explains heir passion to one the same woman. Susannah entered into the family as the wife of young brother Samuel. Her true love is the middle son Tristan. And she died, being the woman of the older brother Aidan.


What is the love in the life? The movie discovers the notion of love in all its manifestations: love between the father and sons, between brothers, and, of course, love between a man and a woman.

3. Begin Again (Keira Knightley, Adam Levine, Marc Ruffalo).

The sense of Greta’s life is her music. When her boyfriend, rock-star, leaves her, she has got nothing except her favorite occupation. Dan is a genius of music show-business, he is lost too. He was kicked out of music label company, created by him a lot of years ago.


There are no fortuities in the life. That’s why the meeting of Greta and Dan gives a chance to surmount all obstacles together.  As the result, their cooperation leads to the creation of music masterpieces, when New York streets become their recording studio.

Begin Again is one of the exciting movies, showing how the friendship between man and woman can make believe in yourself and dare to risk.

4. Friends with Kids (Jennifer Westfeldt, Adam Scott, Megan Fox).

The family recipe supposes: a man and a woman get married, make love and have babies. What if you want to have a baby without family bonds?


Jayson and Julie are the best friends. They know everything each about other. That’s why the thought to have a common baby without marriage doesn’t scare them. After the baby’s birth both of them keep living their life. How long are relationships such as? The Jayson’s answer, after friend’s blaming for Jayson and Julie’s light-mindedness, put all accents.

A funny and touching movie show what is really on the base of love between man and woman.

5. Labor Day (Kate Winslett, Josh Brolin).

A young divorced mother Adel lives quiet town with her son Henry. Their life is measured and calm and Adel is losing the passion about life step by step.


Until she is obliged to hide a running prisoner-killer Frank at her home. Despite his past, Frank doesn’t become a danger to the family. On the contrary, he gives those feelings, which Adel and Henry need so much. When the police ransack around the town, in the house of Adel new relationships appear, when she finds a beloved man and support in the life, and the son sees a dad for himself.

Is there anything that can hinder to build a new life for them?

6. The Vow (Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum).

The film is based on a true story. Page and Leo just got married and they are waiting for a romantic honeymoon. But the horrible car crash ruined their plans.


The young husband doesn’t leave alone his wife, who is in a coma. When she wakes up, she can’t remember her beloved and their love story. Despite all Leo’s efforts to revive the memory of Page, she decides to quit the husband and to remove to her parents, who suddenly appeared in her life.

They say, if this is your destiny, you will be together any case. So, will Page’s feelings revive in her cold heart? Will the destiny give a possibility to live all their love story again?

7. Australia (Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman).

Lady Sara Ashley is removing from England to Australia, where her husband has his own rancho. But before noblewoman’s coming his husband was killed and the rancho is about to go bankrupt.


To save her property, lady Sara decided to sell her livestock to the army, but for this, she needs to drive 1500 units of livestock to Darvin. Being good horse rider and with help of her servants, under Drover’s control, she became foolhardy in her aims.

This is one of the exciting movies which tell us how much cruel can be people, following their greedy goals. Australia poetically opens the love story between Sara and Drover.

8. Crazy/Beautiful (Kirsten Dunst, Jay Hernandez).  Carlos, a poor Mexican guy, and Nicole, spoilt congressman’s daughter, suffering from lack of attention, are studying at the same school.


Carlos spends a lot of time and forces to get the classes because studying is the one way to his dream — to become an army pilot. A light flirt of Nicole and handsome Mexican turns into a deep feeling of affection, what creates a lot of problems for both of them.

How to save first love without sufferings? Will young people stay together and forever?

9. The Words (Bradley Cooper, Olivia Wild, Jeremy Irons). The complicated issue enraptures. A well-known writer presents his new creation.

exciting movies

This novel is telling about a new writer who couldn’t find his inspiration. By chance, he found an old manuscript, written a lot of years ago by another man. The book became the best-seller. But appropriating another’s masterpiece, it needs to be ready for paying back soon.

The Words movie is telling about  a mistake which can kill your love and about sufferings of the liar.

So, which film can find a place in your list of the best movies for couples?



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