5 rules how to escape from quest room in time

There are a few years escape or quest room is popular in the world. This new leisure gains more and more countries. Some people like to play in Sherlock, so they even become independent of this game. So what is this escape-room which makes people happy even if they don’t win? Let’s find out.

Сhoose an interesting theme

What is a quest room and  how it’s looking like?

The game consists in locking up the team for an hour. During this time you need to find all passwords, keys and open all locks to get out of the room. What is interesting it’s forbidden to use any gadgets, so quests are definitely exciting.

The owners honestly say this is an amusement just for one time because it’s not interesting to solve tasks the second time.

Every project presents its own history. Quest room themes and tasks are invented according to the script. So every escape room has got its own atmosphere with intrigue names The trap, Exit, Lost room, Locked etc.

Find a key

How to play escape game?

quest-room-the-gameIn general, all quests are universal and don’t need any specific knowledge. Also, you don’t have to look like a hero from fort Bayard which gets out keys from the box full of snakes and rats or who passes narrow tunnels. There is no need to show your power skills. On the contrary, all you need is your logic, attention to details and knowing how to use them in the game. During the time of playing you can ask for a prompting, but I make you sure, you wouldn’t like to do it. Nevertheless, if you still ask it, mysterious voice won’t say clearly, it will just direct to the solution.  All tricks are kept in total secret, so if you lose, nobody won’t tell the answers.

What is a recipe for success?

Well, here are 5 main rules which can help you to escape from the quest room:

1. Aa good a team work.  Hear each other. Make your actions adjusted. In this case, your friendship becomes deeper.

2. Use your mind sharpness and  be attentive to details. Thinking and analyzing will be as like training for your brain. Don’t be confused.

3. Everything of escape room can be ambiguous, but they are not fortuitous. Just find out how to use them.  You must be free in that. Just touch things, look over, make experiments etc.

Use your brain in a right way

4. Good sense of time. You need to control and precise your every action. Try not to fuss. Don’t do extra body’s move.

5. Optimism and positive mood. It’s an obvious thing, bad thoughts can draw away attention from tasks.

What feelings you can get?

This is a chance to plunge into completely other reality. You press buttons, you unlock lockers, you can imagine yourself a spy. As a result, escape room game is exciting you won’t notice how time is off and it can even mean you may become dependent of quests. Sometimes people are so keen on, so they pay right away other quest room.

Do you know the password?

Who can play?

Quest room is the possibility to have fun with your family, friends or colleagues. Most of all, the best results are given by mixed teams, because it’s considered men and women have different approaches to working out tasks. There are almost no restriction about age. Children can play as well under surveillance of adults. Even people who have got a fear of close spaces can be a part of the team. Most quests look like a usual living or working room with doors, windows, furniture and other details.

And you? Can you get out in time?


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