3 feelings you can get with zorbing ball

zorbing-ballDo you wanna get extreme feelings and you don’t know how to do it? Do you wanna feel free fall, weightlessness and chaotic movements the same time? Try zorbing ball!

Ten years ago I didn’t even realise about zorbing leisure… till the moment when I saw it on the tv. Then I remembered one of my favourite actors Jackie Chan used zorb for his movie Armor of God when he was falling down in the ball, escaping from the savage tribes. Hmm… I think it’s enough interesting activity for spending a free time. But firstly, we need to find out a little bit about what is zorbing.


So, zorbing is the one of extreme kind  of sport which is less dangerous than bunjy jumping or roofing. That’s why it’s good for beginners. With its help, you can get a big adrenaline dose without any harm for the body.

1. Is zorbing ball a safe distraction?

Yes. It’s completely safe if you keep to all rules, which your instructor insists on.

2. Will I be nauseated?

The ball is completely turning about every 10 metres. So, it’s not enough for feeling sick inside of the zorb. Moreover, the steepness and the speed can be regulated with help of landscape, choosing softer conditions.

3. How many people can be inside of the zorbing ball?

Usually, there is enough place for two. Besides, it’s considered that coming down in tandem will bring more positive emotions.

4. How can the landscape be accommodated for a zorbing way? 

It’s not easy to find an appropriate route for zorbing. First of all, it needs to study the place in details. Then, they study all possible deviations from supposed trajectory and find out the level of risk. Only after that, the path is tested many times for being sure about the safety.

5. What feelings can I get with zorbing?

Most of all, people can feel fear or panic before getting in the zorb. Nevertheless, if you can fight this fear, you can see the view, which obligatory will compensate your bad emotions. Your body will feel three states the same time: free fall, weightlessness and chaotic movements. It’s exciting, isn’t it? Furthermore, you can regulate your flight with soft kinds of zorbing, which are allowed to children.

Nowadays you can satisfy yourself with these types of zorbing:

1. Hill zorbing is the most spread in the world. It suggests to going down along a hill. The most important points are the height and steepness.


2. Hydrazorbing is for those people who like amplify usual feelings. It supposes the water inside of a chamber. Don’t be afraid, you won’t choke. The water just will pour over you.


3. Water zorbing is most preferred by children. It gives a feeling of walking over the water surface. The point consists in using zorbing ball for different kinds of reservoirs: pools, lakes etc.


4. Snow zorbing is the most dangerous because it can be a lot of obstacles under snow surface. Moreover, if you didn’t learn how to handle the zorb in a right way, you can hurt other people who are skiing.


5. Aero zorbing supposes going down along a tube. It increases the quantity of zigzag turns what makes your heart beat more.

6. Night zorbing suggests illuminated zorbs which are looking amazing at night. It’s not obligatory to find a hill landscape. Here, it will be enough of a flat surface because the token is colorful lights.


What is the zorb?

To get right feelings you need to use zorbing ball or simply zorb. Zorb is made of a transparent thermoplastic sphere, chamber of wich is trimmed with special fabric. Its weight is about 70 kg with the diameter of 3,2 metre . Despite big dimensions zorbing ball can be inflated within 5-7 minutes.

If you look into inside chamber, you will see 6 pairs of safe ropes which fasten to arms and legs. In this way, your shoulders, the waist and hips are fixed in stable position.

As the result, this construction amortizes and smoothes all ground roughnesses. So, when it bumps into some obstacles (sharp things, stones), an air layer and ropes will protect you from the hit.

To sum up

Zorbing is the way to feel new, bright, exciting and strong feelings. It opens the door into a safe extreme because it doesn’t require any special training. I’m sure you can find places  of your area where to go zorbing.



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