5 tips for a stunning boudoir photography

Boudoir photography is a light version of the photography in the style “nue”. Last time it plays a role of a gift to the beloved man. Women aim to be seductive. So, the photographer has to take stunning photos which must evoke the admiration.

How to make breathtaking boudoir pictures?

Despite boudoir photography can be considered as a type of the portrait photography, it demands some compliance with rules.

1. Play with the light. The most important part of the boudoir photo shoots (except the model) is a light. If you play with the light, showing the shadows and dark silhouettes, you will create an intimate zone.

boudoir photography

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Overexposed boudoir photos add lightweight and fresh air to the picture.

boudoir photo shoots

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2. Make a boudoir composition. The composition is a clue of every portrait. Creating your own composition or following classic rules, you can have focus points in the right places. That means these pictures attract the attention. They will be interesting always. Try to refuse of 3/4 rule. Discover lines, arabesques, symmetry etc. Or just highlight the most piquant places with triangles

boudoir photos

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or with help of diagonals.


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3. Capture interesting boudoir poses. Let your model feel free and comfortable. If she doesn’t know elementary positions, tell her which poses make her more seductive. In this way highlight her beautiful parts of the body. Invent different effects which hide or make body disadvantages look better. Use unusual boudoir positions in the style casual.

boudoir pictures

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Don’t forget to draw the attention to the woman curve lines. Those boudoir photo shoots are always amazing. That’s why those boudoir positions are classic.

boudoir pictures

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4. Make boudoir closeups. Despite the best-sellers are wide-angles pictures, boudoir photography sometimes prefers closeups. This is because boudoir photos are the symbol of intimacy. That’s why it’s so important to be closer to the body. Secondly, these photos  look like a secret. They evoke the phantasie and become more attractive.

boudoir closeups, Tanya Downs photographer, boudoir positions

Photo is taken from the site Savvy Deet Bridal

Capturing boudoir closeups, there is no possibility to capture different poses. So, you must try different angles.

boudoir classics

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5. Use appropriate details. Of course, there are no boudoir without details which accomplish a whole image. You can use some objects of furniture, shoes, jewellry, play with underwear details etc.boudoir pictures

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Mostly, the boudoir photography is dedicated to the men attention. It explains why boudoir pictures are popular. Especially the photo directions as like wedding boudoir and pregnant boudoir. So, if you know how to make stunning boudoir pictures, you will be definitely popular in your area.


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