8 cool photo effects for stunning pictures

The appearing of photo redactors let us create pictures with different effects. But it’s more important to show the photographer’s skills with his own cam. So, how to present the creativity capturing unique and amazing pictures?

Cool photo effects with cam for stunning photo shoots

1. Neutral density. Neutral density is a filter, which is used for a beautiful blurry effect. This filter reduces the amount of sunlight, reaching the cam’s sensor. In this way, you can take a photo at slower shutter speed.

 tilted point

Photo is taken from the tutorial of Alan Ranger

Tip: use ND filter and a tripod. Set a shutter’s speed 1 second, if there is a little movement, and 10 seconds, if there is an active movement.

2. Rim lighting. This effect is often used for a portrait photography. It allows creating a soft light behind a focus object. In that way, the object is highlighted from the background, making a contrast line.


Picture is taken from tutorial of Stephen Elms

Tip: to avoid a low contrast the lighting must be behind the object and a little bit higher than the focused object. Usually, photographers reach this effect with sun rays. But rim light photos, taken with a help of studio lamp, are more impressive.

3. Bulb. This is a way for a popular night photography. Create your unique fire patterns, capturing headlights and lanterns. Show your unusual vision of the city and car movement.


Tip: experiment with focuses and time. The optimal bulb index is f/11 with ISO 100. To avoid a rattling camera effect, use the cable remote control.

4. Abstraction. This is a way to show your creativity. Because not every photographer can prove abstract vision through the reality. To enhance the effect of the photo shoots, they refer to black-white photography.


Visit the photography of Abelardo Morell

Tip: you must learn to show usual things from different angles that people could see objects in a new way. Pay attention to the patterns, lines, colors.

5. Contre-Jour effect. This notion means the photo shoots, taken in front of the main source of the light. Usually, if you take photos in this way you get dark photos. But if you practice a little bit you can create an interesting silhouette.


The photo is taken from amor-x-fati.blogspot.com

Tip: pay attention to the forms and lines of the picture. Your photos become deeper with help of details and texture. You will get especially stunning shots if you work at dawn or at sunset.

6. Grain effect. Grain effect is an electronic noise of digital photos. Usually, they consider grain is a lack of photographer’s skills or disadvantage of a primitive camera. Nevertheless, it can be used in the creative photography to show the mood or texture. Try the grain effect when you capture abandoned buildings or uninhabited place. In this way, you would show the tension of isolated object.


Photo is taken from Brooklyn Grain

Tip: your ISO index must be higher than recommended according to the mode and weather conditions. Test bright or black-white colors as well.

Cool photo effects with help of lenses

1. Tilt-shift. They use the lenses with a tilt-shift when the photographer wants to capture skyscrapers. You can use tilt-shift for capturing a small part of the scene, f.ex. it can be a park or city streets. As a result, you’ll have a shot with mini people and mini objects.


Photo by Marc Biarnes

Tip: this type of lenses costs about $ 1000 and higher, depending on the producer. Find places where you can rent this lens to test this type of photography. If you aim to a blurry effect, use maximum aperture.

2. Lensbaby. If you aim to capture the stunning landscape pictures or city views, try the Lensbaby. Its special construction lets you focus on the object and makes the around background blurry. Very beautiful photos, I must say.

lensbaby, stunning pictures

Tip: with this lens, you will work only in manual mode. That’s why you need to practice in aperture and depth of field. If you plan to use the tripod, you will be able to focus even on the moving objects.

I think, these photo effects are easy-to-do even for a newer. So, that is a great possibility to diversify your portfolio.


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