3 tips to make environmental portraits

Environmental photography is the photo taken in a natural environment and conditions of the people. This is a definitely new way to tell the story when just one picture can show the lifestyle of the captured person. Maybe, because of that, this type of photography became so popular and we call it “the style of National Geographic”.

How to create environmental photos?

1. Show the character of your model. It’s hard to do, but you must open the personality of the people with help of the photography.


Communicate with the people to find out the social and financial background. Ask them about their problems, their lifestyle. Remember, the place of living and conditions had a straight influence on the education. Only, in this case, you will know the accents of your future photo shoots.


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You should prefer a candid photography which supposes free movements and relaxing atmosphere. Observe the people’s action before capturing them in the right moment.

2. Highlight the location. The place of living is quite a wide notion when you capture a village, landscapes which are out the city’s limits etc. But the most interesting places are local places which add the sense of belonging (slum, districts with own specialities).


Photo is taken from Will-On-Board

To create stunning environmental shots use wide-angle mode. It will help you to capture all details.

3. Give dramatic touches to your photos. The drama of photo shoots evokes people’s emotions. That means it will be curious to watch at your art all the time.

 child, environmental photos

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The most impressive environmental photos are those which show the contrast between an awful place of living and calm people, accustomed to living in these conditions. Sure, it provokes the deep feelings, as like disgusting and pity.


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The contrasts are the best way to demonstrate environmental photography. Play with the natural light, try to take an excellent photo almost in a total darkness. Highlight the difference between young and old generation. Try different angles.

To sum up, don’t forget about the organization of your photo session. Plan ahead your steps. In advance, you need to know what photo shoots you want to have as a result. Don’t forget to think about permits for the photography.



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