5 landscapes photo ideas for your wedding

Many couples aim to have the wedding photography, taken in a wonderful place. In the place which could be special only for them.  But the future newlyweds face the problem: where to find it? As for me, you shouldn’t go too far. Because you can turn any landscape into an amazing background for your warm feelings.

5 landscapes for your wedding photo ideas

1. Wedding photo session in the desert. The wedding in the style of the desert became popular last times. I’m not surprised. It doesn’t matter which exactly desert you will choose. Anyway, this landscape exhales a light exotic. You just need to find an isolated place with cactuses for a country wedding . Use the sand desert, if your phantasie aims to the Marocco style wedding. A dry lake will be a perfect alternative to the rustic wedding. Secluded area with mountains and rocks gives a romantic feeling when just you and the beloved exist in the world.


Photographer Gaby Jeter

2. Wedding photo shoots in the forest. Wedding in the wood is a comfortable chance to celebrate a start of your marriage. The forest gives fresh touches to the wedding photography. Check the portfolio of your photographer in advance. He should have a great vision  and creativity to present usual locations in an interesting and unforgettable way.

eco-friendly-outdoor-grabouw-wedding-cape-town-8    Ruby Jean Photography

3. Wedding photography on the beach. Wedding on the beach in the style of Malibu became a classic. Despite this is a daytime or the evening, you can still have stunning wedding photos. Ask your photographer to use some effects. As for me, I would prefer Contre-Jour (looks great at dawn and at sunset) or Rim Lighting.  These photo effects are perfect for newlyweds photography when it’s important to show the sensitivity and tenderness. And open space of the beach only enhances the impression of the photo.


Camera Studios Photography

4. Wedding photo session in the city. City jungles can be a perfect background for your wedding shots. Especially, if you are active people which prefer fast modern life. Skyscrapers, views from the roof, lines of cars turn from a usual place into a urbanistic landscape.


The Carnival Studio Photography

5. Wedding photo shoots at the vineyard. The vine theme is an unusual wedding ceremony which creates an atmosphere of the Italian land wherever you are. The history says the vine is a symbol of the abundance and fertility, decorated with beautiful views at dawn and sunset. Vineyard will be a perfect place for wedding photo session if you prefer secluded places to stay together.


Visit Mariah Smith Photography

6. Wedding photography in mountains. You will definitely look amazing with the harmony of your beloved and  a breathtaking nature if you choose the wedding in mountains. Fresh air and unbelievable views create a wonderful background for your mountains wedding photo shoots. These moments must be a pic of your happiness.

mountains1, wedding photo shoots

Visit Tim Halberg Photography

7. Wedding photo session near the lake or the river. The lake or the river is one of the most favorite places for the wedding for two photo shoots. Maybe, it’s because the crystal water attracts attention or, perhaps, nature is so exciting every season. But, for sure, this landscape is the place where you can feel a real queen/king.

wedding-photography-ideas-lake-tahoe-snow, wedding photography

Photo is taken from Love 4 Wed

You shouldn’t go far away to get stunning wedding pictures. Because any of these landscapes can be near to your home or the town. Basing on my tips, invent your own wedding photo ideas.


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