7 secrets to be sexy naturally. Every woman must know it

To be sexy you can use other parts of your body. You don’t even realize what a secret weapon is hidden in you. If you use it correctly, you can drive your man crazy. Especially, if you use the rules of man’s dream girl. So, try to follow my simple advice and just test the reaction of your man.

Pieces of advice how to be sexy with your parts of body

wrist-tattooWrists. If you wanna stay in men’s memories for a long time, show them your wrists. Don’t underestimate this part of the body. Try to remember why women took on long gloves a century ago? Because wrists were an intimate thing and showing naked hands was vulgar action. In Japon, Geishas seduced men with her wrists while served a tea ceremony.

Tip: men will pay attention to your sleeves when you gesticulate with rolled-up sleeves. If you aren’t afraid, decorate wrists with a little tattoo.

Hair. Hair is considered as one of the distinguished signs between man and woman. Unconsciously long hair relies on womanhood. Men like caressing silky hair with their fingers. There was a reason why long haired girls appear in erotic movie scenes. With long accurate hair you will definetely look sexy.


Tip: as longer hair, as more sexual you become. Still remember you must take care of them. Wash them often. Make different masks that your hair could shine with health.

Back. A man looks at the woman from top to bottom. The back line leads to… you know which part. In this case, back it’s just an allusion for men fantasies. And men like allusions!  This is a way how to be seductive. So give them this pleasure.


Tip: if you have a dress with open back, use this opportunity for going to club or party. You will look more seductive if your back is decorated with lace or some jewellery.

Neck and shoulders. If you have beautiful lines of these body parts, obviously man will have a desire to kiss them. Corporate dress code allows wearing tops with straps, but it forbids close with open shoulders? Why? Because unconsciously, if you have naked shoulders, man consider you as like totally naked. Your neck and shoulders attract and evoke him for sexual fantasies.


Tip: use this token for your man. Exclude heavy necklaces. Try to make a hairdress which opens your charms.

Legs. Men always pay attention to owners of long legs. The secret, how to look hot, is simple. With their sight, men follow you from your shoes up to the point where your legs are connected. And man, as any strategist, wants to possess this point on your body map.


Tip: to make your leg more slender, wear high heeled shoes. And skirt! Never forget about skirts, which make any girl look sexy.

Belly, figure and hips. Despite top-models have flat body shapes, they are useful only for fashion. Because mostly men like rounded shapes. It’s considered as more curve lines of figure you have, as more you are productive for giving a new generation. What about belly and hips, remember they must be rounded, but not fat.

look sexy, belly

Tip: don’t put efforts for having overdried belly. On the other hand, keep watching your healthy nutrition. Exclude junk food and drink green tea.

smileEyes and smile. Men like being free in communication. To be sexy for them you should exhale comfort and good mood. So, what is the use of your perfect body if your eyes don’t shy and you don’t smile near to them? A friendly and open woman will always attract any man.

Tip: don’t pretend. Be as you are and smile sincerely.

My secrets to look sexy are simple to do. But all genius is simple, isn’t it? That’s why they work all the time.


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