4 tips how to date older girl

Recently my friend told me he started to date older girl. A girl who is much older than him. If the man is the same age as his beloved there is no problem. But it scares a lot when she’s older, doesn’t it? 

Most of the guys in that unequal situation of age are confused. Firstly, they can love too much their beloved (I’m talking now about serious things). On the other hand, they don’t understand what must be men’s behavior because women are not teenagers. They have totally different way of thinking.

date older
For unequal love, the most important thing is to be on the same wave.

What to do if your beloved girl is older?

1. Control your emotions. Did you come at night to offer a bouquet of flowers to her, to smell her hair and to say how much you love her, but she didn’t cry of happiness? What a cold heart! Don’t expect of her fool actions. Because adult women don’t send 100 SMS per day.

They control their feelings more than young girls. You can be sure almost on 100% your beloved won’t jealous of you to the every girl. Also, the older woman prefers not to say empty words. That’s why they don’t admit your empty promises.

2. Don’t insist on sex.  You are 18-25 years old and you have a permanent desire of sex. You become horny every time when you think of her and make up different sexual fantasies. Ask her opinion about has she really got the same thing. There is a big possibility about the sexual discordance between you.

It happens the women can’t stand an active sex period more than 1-2 months. Then she starts to claim about work problems, getting up early, headache etc. In this case, you must understand your beloved aims to the unforgettable sex and not to the 4-5 times per days of boring sex.

3. Be as you are. Don’t change your look to be suitable to the image of your girlfriend. If she really loves you, she loves you as you are. Nevertheless, even if you are younger try to be a real man and to correspond her behavior.

That’s why, be careful about what you say and what you do. If you date older woman she weill demand on respect and wouldn’t stand the lie. So, don’t make up the tales about your previous life about who you were in the past.

4. Spend the time with her as much as it possible. Are you accustomed to getting up at 3 a.m., after that to order a pizza for a “breakfast-dinner”, watching “Futurama” and going to the club? Think how much of time you pay to your beloved. Ask her opinion how you could spend a free time together.

Ask often what she would like to do and compare your wishes with hers. It would be great if your interests are the same.


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