How to make him leave you. 5 break up tips

Do you have the intention to break up with your man and you don’t know how to do it? You can watch How to lose the guy in 10 days or just read my pieces of advice.

5 tips how to make him leave you

If you decide to get rid of him just do the next steps:

1. Try to change him all the time. Have a behavior as like you are his mummy. Tell him what to do. Tell him what is right and what is wrong. The man is an unchangeable “product” and all tries to force him to be as you wanna see him, that makes him angry a lot.

When you say what to do, you show who is in charge. And men don’t like to be controlled. By the way, it hurts a lot his ego. We all heard those words: “How it could be?? I’m good…. I’m the best!”; “Who is she to change me?”; “I’m doing as I want. I’m the man”. Do you remember?


2. Prove your independence.  Self-reliable and successful miss independent attracts men. But if you behave as like a bossy and hard-edged lady with “stone face”, it scares a little bit.

Point all the time at negative character qualities of your partner. Show your superiority upon him, that you can go easily without him. That is a good strategy to get rid of the men.

3. Be gossipy and he will run wherever his spirit moves on. Perhaps he admires when you can talk about everything. He thinks you’re cute because there are no limits in talkings, you can discuss any subject and he trusts you to say personal things.

So then share your opinion about the end of your preferred soap opera or retell him the last episodes of tv-show. Tell him all the time the news of the celebrities’ world. Because pointless talkings irritate a lot and cause a headache. In this case, men try to find a moral shelter deep inside in his mind. In this way, you make him leave you step by step.

4. Keep your “backpack” of the past sufferings. If you trust your beloved you share your sufferings. Perhaps you feel better after that.

Problems of the past burden the men a lot. They usually don’t like being in the role of the psychologist and listening to the long stories about previous unhappy love. Especially, men can’t stand when women remember some moments describing their ex. That drives them crazy.

5. Try to be better in everything. Maybe for the first time, the competition between two beloveds can give some chili pepper to their relationships. But usually,  men aim to relax near their woman while the contest spirit just “kills” your couple.

That’s why try to be the best in driving the car or what is more humiliating in earning the money. And by the end, he will be tired of competing with you.

How do you think there is any man who would want to be with you after all those things? I don’t think so. With my tips, you build a perspectiveless scenario. Because stupid actions will irritate him a lot and he will go. Let him think that was his decision because you are “so… so unbearable”


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