3 reasons why your husband could betray you

It is a pity, the infidelity can touch every couple. Nobody is insured from this. I never betray my partners. But to be honest, I’m afraid of being betrayed. Especially when the reason of this bad fact is me.

Why men cheat on their wives?

First of all, it concerns thoughts that people betray just because they have uncontrolled sexual desires. In some cases this is it. As for me, all reasons are personal and they can change depending on the relationships between beloveds. I’m saying about comfort  and mutual comprehension. Because usually they betray more basing on psychological background, than on sex. That’s why I see 3 most spread reasons which evoke people to betray.


Main reasons to betray their life partners?

1. The tension in relationships. If people can’t have a rest at home, they go somewhere to get relaxing feelings. Just avoid tensions of your relationships, which can be caused by different kinds of stress. Hard work… Taking care of children. It can be a reason as well. It doesn’t matter how much of time you are together. It’s important how do you feel yourself near to your beloved.

2. Routine. A daily routine can be  a reason why men betray.  Monotone days often break the couple. People have a feeling of indifference and uselessness. It’s not interesting for partners to talk. They don’t pay attention each to other. The man can be bored with wife. In this case, your partner finds another partner who can compensate bad feelings. This is a straight way to betray you.

People aim to be with those who give comfort to them
People aim to be with those who give comfort to them

3. Sexual level. I don’t say about uncontrolled and lustful people. When the couple lives together all the time, it can be a problem of a short or total absence of the libido. The tension in relationships and daily routine can play a huge role in sexual life. That’s why anybody can lose  sexual affection toward the partner. Sometimes the reasons, why men betray, are explained by a lack of mutual comprehension and stereotypes. Women often refuse to have a sex, because they have a headache. Men always need diversity in sexual life.

Men, do they betray more often than women?

According to the interrogation, data men are more infidel than women. But many psychologists have doubts in that. You know, for women it’s hard to confess about betraying. It’s like some taboo. They can lie and give false answers. Besides, nowadays women work the same as a man. So they are influenced by the same stress reasons as men are.

why men betray
Women can betray because of stress

As for me, I think women don’t betray so often. Women are monogamy creatures. Women usually hold their brain in the head, when the are seduced and have sexual desire. For them, it’s much easier to say “stop”.  It’s a rare thing when women betray just for fun. More often they do that when they have a plan to escape from a husband. Or at least, to forget about him just for a while.

Is it possible to rebuild the relationships after infidelity?

Yes. It’s possible to rebuild your couple after those unpleasant moments. Both of you have to come to a “zero” again. You should try to do all your life things in another way than you did before. I know it’s hard to forgive the betraying and forget it. So take a lot of patience.

You can revive your love feelings
You can revive your love feelings

Infidelity brings a big pain to the heart. But if it happens to you, don’t break your relationships right away. If you love each other, it would be the best way to go to the family psychologist together.


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