How to find a key to the anal sex?

Anal sex is a wonderful way to please your partner. Most of the men adore this sex. And believe me, there is no woman who wouldn’t like it. There are women, who are afraid of it. What to do if your girlfriend doesn’t want the anal sex?


How to find a way to the anal sex? How to find the key to her butt?

1. She thinks she will be damaged inside. Say to her you will do everything that she couldn’t feel the pain. Using lubricants, you will get a smoother penetration. Prefer more simple positions as like the pose on the side. In this case, the penetration won’t be deep. That’s why it will give more nice feelings.

If you have got a big penis, try relaxing positions. Women respond well to the positions on the belly in this case.

You shouldn’t focus just on the body movements. Caress the body of your girlfriend. Give more romantic that she could divert her  attention from the worrying and first bad feelings. If you have anal sex in the position on the side, be sure you won’t get tired. Because this is a perfect relax after a working day.

2. She is afraid of pain. The big mistake of men is that fact they have anal sex without caresses. The girl almost doesn’t feel the pain if she is too horny. That’s why it would be better to lick her pussy or to fuck her in the favorite positions. But don’t let her cum.

Make her hot and she will be ready for anal sex. Caress her pussy and anus with the tongue or fingers. Don’t forget about lubricants.

caress anal sex

3. She is shy to make you dirty. The rectum a priori is clean. But during the anal process, she can make you dirty a little bit. So the men must be ready for that. If you think it’s disgusting, so anal sex is not for you. Moreover, your disgust can  give a fright to your beloved girl. And she will never agree to anal sex.

If she’s smart, so she will take care of her hygiene of her rectum by doing an enema. And I wouldn’t advise eating fruits before anal sex.

4. Her education doesn’t allow the anal sex. Perhaps she is too religious and thinks anal sex is a sin. Explain her sex is sex. And it doesn’t matter this is an oral sex, usual sex or anal sex. I’m sure every couple survives that period when both of them want to try it.

In Middle Age anal sex was an alternative for women who didn’t want to lose the virginity. If your girlfriend is not sister-priestess, most of all, she doesn’t want it because of previous reasons.

To sum up, it’s a bad solution if you blackmail the beloved girl  with a betrayal. It would be better to talk to her from time to time without pressing. Tell her how much it turns you on. Show how you would appreciate this gesture. If your girl aims to satisfy you sexually, she will agree sooner or later.


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