3 tips how to get a perfect sex always

Many girls are looking for the secret how to strengthen the family life, how to be interesting for the beloved man always. Some tips how to be interesting for men I’ve already told before. For now, I’m going to focus on just one but a very important thing you must remember forever. So what is it?

Lady, you can disagree with me, but mostly men would support my statement: the base of relationships between man and woman is a SEX. Not delicious dishes when he comes back to home. Not an angel behavior and character that you have got. But SEX.

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If you wanna be interesting for him, you should take care of yourself to be sexually attractive. And, sure, you should make your own list-to-do how to get a perfect sex as I did. So, I’m going to share my tips which are not obligatory to follow. They are just a few notices from my life.

6 tips for a perfect sex

1. Be free in talking about sex.

Did you notice how much important the sexual mood for both of you? It’s very important to be on the same wave, to understand your partner without any word. How can you get it without knowing each other? I will tell you: in no way!

There is no place for being shy when it comes to sex. Share your opinions and desires, what you like or dislike. Tell your sexual fantasies. That is awesome to prove the highest trust to sound your sexual dreams and to know that your partner won’t judge you. Because he will support you!

Secondly, the talkings about sex make them horny. They start to imagine. They start to think in which way they could your desire come true. Because they want to satisfy you!

Furthermore, men like feelings they are desired. When you tell sexual fantasies or how you feel good with him, they want to satisfy you always. As a result, he’s yours forever.

2. Don’t be afraid of a sexual experiment. 

Think why men left their wives. Why do they betray? Is it because of untasty dishes? Is it because of a dirty apartment? I think completely no!

Men want SEX. Some men want a lot of sex and some men want a different sex. The sex which is NOT BORING. If you don’t give sexual options to diversify your sexual life, sure, sooner or later he will look for it on the side.



What to do? Just be ready for experiments. But don’t break yourself, your wish to satisfy your partner must be sincere. He must know that is your desire and not his forcing.

What about the variety of sexual options? Of course, I won’t say about crazy sex preferences. I will tell the things and you can combine them as you want: oral sex, anal sex, threesome (for women more courageous), analingus, sex in public place, different toys, home video, porn video etc. Even if you have a sex in front of the mirror and watch it, you will keep in mind that process for a long time.

3. Prove more than just a sexual energy.

If you think the men prove only animal sexual instinct, you are wrong! Yes, mostly men like hard sex. I would rather name it as hard fucking than making love. But they are still creatures with the heart. It’s easy to find out that even hard fucking with a big passion can become boring so fast.

smiling girls

Because they prefer the sex in relaxing atmosphere. In the atmosphere which doesn’t suppose any daily life problems.

How to get it? Girls, just smile and that it would be nice to talk to you. Show positive energy. Don’t discuss serious things while you have sex. Focus on the thing how to satisfy your beloved man and how to be satisfied.



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