3 must wanted sex toys for couples’ happiness

Sooner or later the couples face the problem when sex becomes boring for them: daily routines… long relationships… and many other different reasons. What to do to diversify your sexual life, to evoke hot desires, and finally, to get new sensation?

use sex toys

Well… I think sex shop will help you. To my big surprise, sex shops are considered to be one of the most visited kinds of the shops at all. That means people buy adult toys, but most of them don’t admit it. Except standard vibrators, sex shops are considered to offer only roleplaying costumes or cruel BDSM things. Are those things not for you? Then I suggest discovering 3 sex toys which can become favorite ones.


Butt plug.

A butt plug is one of the most delicate sex toys for the anus stimulation. Usually, it has a thin chain or a handle at the end. And the plug shape stimulates nerve endings and excites.  Usually, if you use the butt plug the anus expands and vagina becomes tighter. That is a guarantee of an amazing sex. Also, because the girl strains the muscles while she uses this toy, a blood flow to the anus improves blood circulation.

sex toys butt plugYou can choose your personal type of the anal plug depending on the level and readiness for anal sex:

1. Preparing for the anal sex. The best choice is a smooth plug in the shape of the cone. This is the cone which can relax the anus without hurting. And smooth covering helps to penetrate the plug easier, even if the girl didn’t practice the anal sex.beginners butt plug2. Double penetration. dick butt plugIf you want to satisfy your girlfriend in an unusual way, you should try a plug-imitator of the dick. The doggy-style position fucking and anal stimulation let you feel the vagina to become tighter.  This is a perfect solution for a girl with the anal experience.

3. Esthetic vision. The butt plug producers have a variety of toys for glamorous girls. For example, decorating with Swarovski stones or even diamonds. That would be an amazing present for your beloved. Isn’t it? Last trends are decoration with fox tail, wooden handles, funny pictures etc. You can choose anything that can last your imagination and appetence.butt plug decorated

Oral vibrator Sqweel Go.

Sqweel go is a mini clitoris stimulator. It was made to replace a man for the oral sex. Ten soft silicone tongues caress your clitoris with three different regimes. You can compare the feelings, given by this sex toy, with an intensive licking. Also, this is a perfect thing for the dick of your beloved men, nipples and even your anus, especially if you put some lubricant before the foreplay.


So, as you find out this stimulator is dedicated to the couples who like getting new feelings from sex. You can buy the oral vibrator for personal purposes or for satisfying your partner … different foreplay, mutual masturbating, web-sex, why not?

Erection ring.

The silicone ring can last your orgasm. This sex toy is perfect for the couples. Because it stimulates the dick and clitoris the same time. So, this is one of those sex toys which gives a fabulous satisfaction for men as like for women.

erection ring

How does it work this magic cock ring? This sex thing constricts the blood flow. When the man is fucking the girl, the ring keeps the blood in the shaft of the dick. At the same time, it caresses the clitoris and the labia.

For men, it takes a longer time to come. But when he does ejaculate, his sensations more powerful, more intense. On the other hand, you should be careful in using the erection ring. Sometimes it can cause skin trauma and pain.




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