8 stunning facts about Greenland

Greenland is the country of icebergs, white bears and white nights. It seems Greenland is just a big white spot on the map, the edge of the world. This severe land is not for weak persons. Because it’s hard to live there. So, what  Greenland’s things are interesting for the travelers?

Greenland is the biggest island in the world. Here it’s cold all the time. That’s why almost all territory is covered with ice and snow. If to go far, it will be the Pole North.

7 Greenland’s facts every traveler would discover

1. Greenland is an autonomous island, the territory of Denmark. Its capital is Nuuk. The local currency is Danish Krone. Everything is expensive: food, transport, living. Taxi costs about $20 to the city center. The price for fruits and vegetables can reach 3-5 per kilo. It’s because of Greenland imports almost all products from apples up to the petrol.

nuuk supermarket
Products might appear quite expensive.

2. There are beautiful colorful houses in the Nuuk. Considering the local weather almost the same all the time and total absence of trees and flowers, it would be a boring view with one-colored houses. All houses are wooden because the wood keeps the warm better. To built a house it’s enough to choose the place and to regulate all papers with the authorities.

Grey houses would be invisible from a distance.
Grey houses would be invisible from a distance.

3. You won’t find any hotel of 5 stars, there are no hostels. You can stay in Hans Egede hotel. Despite its 4 stars, the interior design of Hans Egede is very simple. It would rather remind an office building than a hotel and the luxe suit quite looks like a campus room.

Standart room in Hans Egede hotel. Luxe suit is not much better
Standard room in Hans Egede hotel. Luxe suit looks like this one + conference room.

4. The Greenland counts only 57 000 habitants. The population of Nuuk is just 15 000 habitants. According to that fact, Nuuk is one of the smallest capitals of the world. The aboriginal citizens’ name is Inuit. Don’t name them Eskimo. Because the word “Eskimo” means “to eat raw meat ” and Inuit consider themselves to be a cultural nation. In this case, Eskimo sounds very rude, as like nigger for Afro-American people.

Inuits have got own history and traditions.
Inuits have got own history and traditions.

5. Greenland is the country where icebergs born. Mostly this island is covered with rocks and ice. Despite a good quality of road covers in the city, there are almost no roads and highways out of the town. You can get some city only by boat or by plane.

You won’t need a road map in Greenland.

6. Everything you would like to know about Inuits is presented at the Museum of local lore. Here you can see the ancient clothes for winter and summer season, things of living, the art of Inuits.

Plunge into the culture of Inuits

7. This is a sexually free nation. Because of long distance to the other lands and a limited amount of people, it’s considered all people are distant relatives and there is a big risk of mutation. That’s why local girls aim to have sex with foreign men.

Greenland’s people likely admit the sex with foreigners.

8. Greenland is one of those places where it’s authorized to kill the whales. Maybe, it’s because they don’t produce anything else. That’s why the whale’s meat it’s like poultry for us.

It looks inhumanely, but Greenland really produces almost no alimentary products.
It looks inhumanely, but Greenland really produces almost no alimentary products.

In general, this is a very simple country which doesn’t aim to the luxury. Here you won’t find any mansions or sportive cars. I think they won’t promise the comfort even if you have $1 billion in the pocket.



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