11 places in Seoul you would like to visit

The development of South Korea mostly depends on Seoul. The capital of the country takes only 1% of a whole country’s territory and gives about 1/4 of GDP.

Partly it can be explained by a big working productivity. There are big traffic jams here even at weekends. And this is because Koreans are hard workers: 10 hours/6 days. In the country, there is no notion as “pension” or “unpaid leave”. That’s why Korean people try to do without it.

The Korean lifestyle makes an allusion there is no possibility to have a rest. Nevertheless, South Korea destination is getting more popular day by day. Today, I would like to share 11 Seoul places I would like to visit.

What are the best places to visit Seoul?

Cheonggyecheon Stream. It is a popular tourist place in Seoul. The steam was restored in 2005 and became a symbol of harmony between urbanism and nature. The stream flows among skyscrapers and city blocks, creating an amazing scene for rest zones. The murmurs of a clean water, trees, fountains and waterfalls inspire for a night walking. Every year many illumination shows take a place here.


The murmurs of a clean water, trees, fountains and waterfalls inspire for a night walking. Every year many illumination shows take a place here.

Trick Eye Museum. This museum of the optic illusions is very popular among foreign visitors. When you turn out here, you really stop believing your eyes. Exactly right here you can take fascinating photos with backgrounds of painted walls and tricky exponents.

Try to create your own collections of funny photos

Bucheon Hanok Village. This authentic village lost among glace boxes of Seoul skyscrapers. You can walk along the narrow streets to see ancient houses with curved grooves, air flashlights and light folding screens of rice paper.

Hanok Village is the best way to find out how the capital had been looking in the past

Bongeunsa Temple. Despite it is in the most luxury part of Seoul, Bongeunsa Temple is the best place for having relaxed from urban bustle. More than 1200 years the temple preaches Korean Buddhism and it’s a center for meditation.

Hanok Village is the best way to find out how the capital had been looking in the past

COEX. It’s the on of the biggest shopping malls of the Korea. Here you can find the latest trends of fashion, technology and other unique products which you can buy only here. Except the shopping, people come here to visit different exhibitions and concerts. Also to eat out. About 90 restaurants and coffee shops are ready to suggest delicacies of Korean and world cuisines.

Asia’s largest underground mall

Wine cave. This cave is the heritage from miners of gold ore. After going downstairs, you will see not only proves of hard working, but you can taste 78 kinds of high-quality wine from 8 Korean vineyards. You can buy a bottle of wine which you like and take it to home. Wine cave is a good choice for romantic dates.

Gangnam. Seoul example of luxe life presents glamour coffee shops, crazy parties and fantastically expensive housings. Futuristic companies’ and banks’ buildings let us know that’s right here people earn and waste astronomic amount of money.

Open Gangnam style

Gyeongbokgung Palace. This is an old residence of Korean ruler dynasty: traditional temples, rich throne halls and calm eastern garden. Every hour you can see a ceremony of changing of the Guard as like it was before.

palace, seoul sights

There are rumors Gyeongbokgung Guard it’s some kind to serve in the military for the children of rich people. But officially nobody confirms that statement. Everyone has a possibility to try a warrior costume for free. Although there are troubles to choose. Because there were about 200 military ranks at the Palace.

Rainbow Fountain. The construction can erupt the water streams along a whole bridge of Hangang river. The fountain work one time every 20 minutes. But it’s hard to imagine, it can expend about 190 tonnes of water for a minute! Rainbow Fountain is illuminated at night time. That’s why it calls like that. So, this is an amazing scene which perfectly fits into the panorama of a night Seoul.

Yuksam building. The skyscraper’s height is 249 m and it’s not the highest building of Korea at the moment. Nevertheless, the view from the observation ground casts a spell. Also, it’s a good possibility to feel the adrenaline in the blood, because his lift goes up with a speed of 54 m per a second.


Lotte World. It’s one of the biggest amusement parks of Korea and pride for residents of Seoul. Its capsule roof with inscription Lotte World can be seen from satellites. There are more than 40 high and speed Seoul attractions. Some of them are mortally fearful and need a lot of courage.

lotte-world, seoul attractions

Also, it’s a shopping mall and a great place for laser shows and fantastic carnivals.

Seoul is the interweaving of old traditions and modern views. It’s hard to name all sights because everything is interesting here. You shouldn’t stay in Seoul for a long time because you can get accustomed very quickly to the city. You will risk staying here forever.


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