What 5 national symbols the travel to Cuba will show you

Your  travel to Cuba will show it’s museum under an open sky. Here everything even usual things attract your eyes. Cuba is bright colors in tough life of citizens. If you already know what is a Ceverything even usual things attract your eyes. Cuba is bright colors in tough life of citizens. If you already know what is a Cuban lifestyle, you have to see 5 cool facts about Cuba.

What are interesting cuba facts?

Transport. Old cars are a symbol of friendship between USA and Cuba. You can find an amount of Pontiac, Chevrolet, Rolls-Royce. All these cars have almost original details. Retro things cost about $30 000.


Also here you can see soviet auto classic models as like “Zhiguli” and “Moskvich”. Their price is over $10 000. This is crazy! In Ukraine, it’s hard to find anybody who would buy Zhiguli for $500.


If you don’t have your own car, you must go to work on public transport. Cuban government  bought Chinese buses just for tourists. That’s why people are obliged to get the work in remade old trucks. It’s cheap way and costs about 1 peso, but it’s uncomfortable and quite dangerous.

city-transport, cuba facts
Local city bus

During your travel to Cuba, you’ll see people, working at international companies, have possibilities to go in taxi or almendron. Almendron is a public transport of business-class. It’s like a taxi for many persons who go in the same direction.

Almendron with the passengers

The another type of taxi is coco taxi. This is a motor roller for driver and two passengers like tuc-tuc in India. It got the name from coconut, although it looks like an egg.

Coco taxi

Housing. After falling down of USSR Cuba found a chance to earn money on tourism. But all hotels were overcrowded. Despite communist principles, the government allow people give in rent their houses for tourists. The owners of La Casa can earn about $3000 per month. So this is a good option for authorities and house owners. Cuban buildings are famous with their bright colors. Try to stay somewhere of that houses during your travel to Cuba.

Buildings in bright colors

So, don’t spend your money on hotel rooms. It will cost more than $100 per night. If you wanna plunge into real life, rent a room at La Casa. It will cost about $30-50 a night. It’s like a hostel with luxe. Here, you will find a nice room with air condition and a soft bed.

Entertainment. Beside sunburning on beaches, foreigners go to Tropicana club. Even Al Capone used to love this place. Tropicana is working in the style of 30-40th. It was opened in 1919 and hasn’t changed yet from that time. More than 200 actors, dancers, musicians and singers perform here. So, this is not just a spectacle. This is an endless circulation of bright wearings, hundreds beautiful and plastic, what is more, half-naked Cuban girls. Tickets to Tropicana costs in 7-8 times more than an average salary of a usual citizen. All earned money goes to country’s budget. But local people don’t see improvements in their lives.

Amazing Tropicana girls

A young generation spends their nights on Malecon, the sea coast in front of National Hotel. Here people meet each with other, talk, sing and dance. That’s why this place calls the longest bench in the world.

Malecon at the night

Cigars. Cigars are one more symbol of Cuba. Tobacco is the most important product for export. That’s why growing tobacco is under government control. After the revolution, Castro nationalized all properties, except tobacco plantations. He knew even slaves were not allowed to this business a few centuries ago. Only Cubans know how to do it in the right way.

Tobacco plantation

The biggest quality of Cuban cigars is explained by weather conditions, ground and location. Moreover, planters don’t use any chemicals and even any machinery. All this work is only hand-made.

Famous Cuban cigars

Coast area. Famous white sand beaches and sky blue sea. A real paradise for those who really aim to have a cool resort.

cuba-beach, travel to cuba
Some beaches are totally secluded


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