10 reasons why your visit South Korea will impress you

If you wanna visit South Korea, you should know, it’s an amazing choice for people who like having rest in high-class conditions. Wonderful nature, rich culture, old traditions are mixed with modern and fast life.  But this is not all what can you learn about this country.  Sometimes a Korean daily life can appear interesting or even weird for you.

What can you learn about lifestyle during your visit South Korea?

1. Technologies. Innovation products are worked out to make the life easier. It’s hard to imagine a person without any gadgets in Korea actual time.

Metro can become one of the famous Seoul sights. Because it is considered to be the most hi-tech in the world. Recently, at some stations, virtual shops were opened. There are drawn pictures instead of real products. People, waiting for the train, can scan the barcode with smartphone and order the delivery of chosen products to their home.

Seoul people don’t waste the time on shopping

2. Advanced design. On a high speed, modern urbanism gets out Korean traditions in architecture. Skyscrapers became higher and attract with their futuristic lines.

seoul-towerMany buildings, hotels and restaurants prefer this design, where the interior is decorated with funny installations and weird art-objects.


3. The absence of 4th floor. Almost everywhere after 3 floor goes 5th floor in Korean buildings. It’s can be explained by the fact that number “4” sounds like the word “death” in Korean language.

Sometimes 4th floor can be signed as letter F

4. Cuisine traditions. Your visit South Korea will show dishes can be cooked right on the table. Koreans explain the clients should decide how their meal must look before consumption.


You won’t be hungry after a dinner in that country. Because the main dish is obligatory served with noodles soup and at least with 5-6 snack dishes.


Korean people eat the dogs. Besides, they precisely divide dogs as pets and dogs as a food. They think the dog meat is healing. Especially, it’s prescribed to men with sexual difficulties. The most delicious dog is Shepherd breed. To your choice:  dogs cooked, dogs fried, even dogs baked in the oven. Dogs are elevated at the restaurant territory. They are killed with sticks to gain adrenaline in their blood. As bigger their pain is, as more gentle the meat. Nowadays Korean government is fighting against cruel restaurants. A big help is given by young generation, which supports human laws and admits dogs just in the role of a little friend.

Rescued dogs from being eaten

5. Myopia. A big percent of people, living in South Korea, are short-sighted. Almost everywhere you can see men and women with glasses. For this reason, buildings and streets have big numbers and nameplates.

The road signs are big as well

6. Crazy love to plastic surgery. If you wanna give to yourself new face, just visit South Korea, which is considered to be Mecca of plastic surgery. Koreans are crazy about this issue. For them to make an operation as like to go to McDonald’s. Here you can receive a gift card with surgery service to your birthday. And it’s allowed to make plastic operation even to babies. This is a usual Korea lifestyle. Nevertheless, according to this trend, the big number of divorces rises all the time. Because people refuses to live with the partner who did a plastic operation before marriage.



7. Overcrowded streets. South Korea is a mountain territory with a few place accommodated for the living. There are big and overcrowded cities. That’s why, be careful on the streets. Nobody will be sorry after pushing you away from the way. It’s normal behaviour in this country.

8. Short skirts. Young girls like wearing short skirts. Sometimes skirts are so much short that even girls need to cover the ass with newspaper or magazines when she goes upstairs. Despite this, it’s extremely vulgar to show the decollete zone. In this case, people will follow those girls with the discontent and disturbance.

Normal length skirt

9. Nationalism. Koreans are extreme patriots and they are proud of their country. Especially you can see it very well when you visit South Korea during sportive games.

A woman watches national flags displayed on trees ahead of a celebration day of Koreas liberation from Japans colonial rule

Japon plays the role of a national enemy, which many times occupied this country, having destroyed natural resources and workforce. For Koreans, the Japon Sea calls as East Sea. And they believe the island Dokdo (Japon island Takeshima) belongs only to South Korea.

LG and Samsung are Korean brands, well-known in the world. Korean people always support national products, even if their analogues are much cheaper.

As it found out Samsung is not only technology company, but a сonstraction, auto, chemicals producer as well

10. Gentle touches.  What is weird for foreigners, is a usual thing for local citizens. Korean way of life admits when heterosexual women and men are walking holding the hands, are sitting on laps, caresses each of other. The same time nowadays it’s an absolutely vulgar thing when couples are kissing or hugging on the streets.

visit south korea, korea lifestyle
Normal behaviour for heterosexual Korean men

 As for me, Korean life is quite weird. But I advise discovering this country in your own way.


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