Visit to Cuba. The lifestyle which is forbidden to show

Cuba is an island of freedom and paradise for tourists: mulatto girls, salsa and rumba on the sea coast. Here, you can feel yourself gangster Al Capone, who used to love this country very much. Though before your visit to Cuba, you should realize these are two countries in the one. First one is luxury and richness. Another one is the fear, the poorness and prohibitions. So, is it really the island of freedom? What is a real life in Cuba today?

Your visit to Cuba will show a real and not touristic Cuba

 Internal situation

Beside 5 Cuban symbols, you can know a lot of interesting thing about this island.

More than 50 years Cuba and USA have been arranging diplomatic relationships. Cubans talk about that all the time. They are waiting for better changings with patience. Waiting for becoming more open and more modern. Everywhere you can see communist agitations. Pictures of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara on walls, different slogans on boards etc. In this way, Cuban lifestyle makes yo think revolution is still alive.

Cuba libre with picture of Che Guevara

Today the president of Cuba is Fidel’s brother Raul. There are some rumors comandante died a lot of time ago. To dispose of that, press edits articles where Fidel Castro holds in hands fresh newspaper. Nevertheless, he doesn’t appear often to people eyes.

Fidel Castro holds fresh newspaper

If you go out the hotel limits you will see Cuba is a mini-copy of USSR. Citizens drive soviet cars. They shop in stores with empty shelves. Import products are in the short supplies and are expensive.

But you have no rights to scold the authorities. As you can understand, all politics and economics are under the control of one family Castro who promises a better life for everything. But people are tired to wait for it.

Somebody complains at whispers. If you go against the government, of course, you can get behind bars. Here, internal security services work very well with help of their informers. Even when international journalists arrive the island to make a movie about Cuba, they are accompanied by internal security agents. That’s why it’s hard to show real Cuba, not touristic Cuba. When a journalist does wrong steps he will be deported out of the country or even can get to jail.

 Cuban rules

If your wish is a visit to Cuba, it’s a good choice. Sun, Carribean sea, white sand beaches…What can you want more?

It’s pity Cuba is a real paradise just for foreigners. If you plunge into real life if citizens you will see Cuba is the country of absurd lows. Here, all population is divided onto tourists and native citizens.

First of all, the visit to Cuba will teach you to distinguish cuban money. Here, foreigners convert dollars, euros and other currencies into cubans cucs.

Money for foreigners (Cucs)
Money for foreigners (Cucs)

Meanwhile, citizens earn and pay for shoppings with cuban pesos. This is weird restrictions as for me.

Money for Cubans
Money for Cubans

An average salary of usual Cuban is about 20$. It counts in pesos and of course it’s not enough for normal living. People go for shopping to national stores, where they buy products of bad quality. Just compare, while foreigners can buy forbidden in country Coca Cola and Snickers, usual citizens buy chicken and sometimes lobsters leftovers. What about forcemeat, usually it’s of unknown origin. A lot of products are mixed with soya extrats.

Queue at shop

“To help” people with alimentation government invented a carte system as like it was in USSR. According to this carte, people have a possibility to buy some oil, sugar, bread and other products for a lower price. But all products are restricted and counted in grams per one person. A bonus is a free milk for children under 7 years old.

Social products at cuban shops

What else? During the visit to Cuba, tourists can buy beef in restaurant freely. Meanwhile, Cubans can get a  bigger prison term for killing a cow than for killing a human. Because, on this island, all cows are elevated for milk. Of course, milk must be bought by the government for low prices. That’s why these animals are counted. When they die, people have to call special veterinary service which registers this case and takes away the body. Otherwise, it would be considered you killed the cow for eating the meat. Now, I have a question. At restaurants do tourists eat beef of that died cows?


The other restriction is underwater hunting for citizens. Carribean sea is full of the most famous delicacy… lobsters. But only state services have licenсes to catch them. To feed the family in the early morning some citizens set to underwater hunting on their own risk.


The visit to Cuba will show you this is the country where all the best are for foreigners. Cubans themselves are in paranoia. Step to left, step to the right, they can get a penalty or prison terms. But when your salary is 20$ per month, you are obliged to take a risk.

Cuban lifestyle

Despite there is no Sex on Cuba, I’ve heard a lot of times Cuban girls are the hottest. Yes, in general, they are not serious about sexual relationships. They explain if the body wants a  sex what is the reason to resist?

Not all girls like that. But for many of them sleeping with the money is a well-paid job. A prostitute can earn about $200-300 for one night when others earn $20 per month. If you wanna take the prostitute during your visit to Cuba, you must be careful. The national police have informers everywhere. Even walls have ears. So, not to get to jail. You and your night butterfly will be obliged to go separately to the home of passion. Here is the another absurd rule. Cuban girls are forbidden to go near with foreigners. Otherwise, it attracts the policeman’s eye.  Don’t wait for a luxe room where you’re going to fuck the prostitute. Usually rented room or house is dirty and with bad conditions.

It’s safest to find a night butterfly in a club

The colonial architecture of Cuba gives a wonderful atmosphere. On the island, the mansions with decorations on walls and marble stairs  of 16 centuries are saved. Once they were home for planters and American businessmen. After the revolution, they were given as like public habitation for poor people. All those buildings are in the list of UNESCO, but more than 7% of ancient houses are dangerous. So you must be careful because sometimes balconies really fall.

cuban-living, cuban lifestyle
Watch out near ancient buildings

What you will never see as like tourist this is a water problem. The cuban  water for drinking contains bleaching powder to destroy a possibility of different epidemics. On the island, there are almost no water connections. Not to feel a lack of water,  people have to fulfill big containers on the roof all the time when water truck comes. This is a usual cuba daily life.

water-queue, visit to cuba
The fastest people will take more water

The Cuban government claims there are communism and socialism, there are no problems on islands. But as you can see problems really are.

This island was a favorite place of rich people and gangsters for having rest. When the United States approved “a dry law”, Cuba became an island to where it was easy to escape. Here you could drink rum and visit casino as much as you wanted. That’s why  the USA was the main exporter of cars, living things, clothes to Cuba till 1960. After the revolution, Cuba found a new friend. USSR supplied the island with everything necessary things from potatoes up to different technics. After destroying USSR the island is obliged to live on its own count. Ater many years, people still hope they can find a new way to stabilize relationships with states.



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